The cover photo is of Aggregation's 100 gallon still; its manway cover is etched with the Manatee-with-snifter logo of Aggregation Distilling Company, and blurred in the distance is the still's reflux column. Cover text reads 'Citrus Countys first distillery and craft coctail lounge.' Also listed is the address: 255 SouthEast US Highway 19, Crystal River Florida; and the Distillery's hours: Open Thursday and Friday, 4pm til 9pm, and Saturdays from 1 until 9pm. Page two: A blue field with white heading: Premium Spirits - 47 percent A B V, or 94 Proof. 
            Body: Aggregation Distilling’s goal is to bring together the history, mystique and nostalgia of distilled spirits with the best the Nature Coast has to offer. 

            Our distilling is based on the principles of authenticity, purity, and quality, incorporating the pure spring water flowing beneath the Distillery to Crystal River’s First Magnitude springs.
            We source from Florida farmers and growers to the greatest extent possible to create our spirits. Stop in for a delicious cocktail and to purchase a bottle of your favorite liquor! 
            The bottom of the page has an Aggregation banner, with the Ethanol logo, comprised of a family of manatees. The mommy and baby manatee break the water's surface with their noses, their bodies at 109.5 degree angle to one another, while on the right-hand side is Happy the manatee, viewed head-on looking like the letter O, and beside him a cobia fish swims through two sets of sea grass, forming a letter H. The third page is a background image of our bottles, with each of our four bottle labels displayed. This allows for zooming in and close investigation of the details of the bottle-inside label. Blue for rum, with an inside painting of a manatee swimming, and the description 'A smooth silver rum evoking flavors of the Caribbean Islands'. Green-to-yellow for gin, with the inside imagery being of our gin botanicals, and the description 'Citrus forward and refreshing - Regular or Kumquat'. Black-to-white for our vodka with the manatee-family inside, and description 'Silky smooth and ultra-clean flavor; regular or kumquat.' And brown-to-white for the 5-year rye whiskey, with the painting of a sunset inside, the description 'Deliciously smooth'. A collection of photos; a gin bottle on the bar; the metalwork sign of the Manny-with-snifter logo; the fiberglass Manny wearing his straw hat by the logo on the outside wall; the metalwork depiction of the manatee family logo. This piece of art is made entirely from colored metals - Grey Steel for the background, brass for the Aggregation text, polished copper for the manatee family, copper corroded to green for the state of florida, an come together tagline in burnt steel to get a color effect. An image of a 'Kings bay sunset' cocktail being held against the setting sun, showing the drink's namesake. A tagline in the lower left reads 'Create your story with us!'
Final image is a mostly dark image of the self-illuminated logo sign, with text and clickable hyperlinks in the 4 corners of the image. Link 1: Plan your visit, with a link to discover crystal river fl dot com backslash plan. Link 2: Open hours - 4 to 9 PM Thursdays and Fridays, and 1 to 9 PM Saturdays. The link is to our Facebook page. Link 3: Public events can be found at C R F L dot U S. Link 4: Contact us for Private events and other questions: email link to Come Together at Aggregation Distilling dot com. Link 5: Passthrough to Google Maps for planning your trip!

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